March 14, 2006

"OPML List of Links on This Page" Bookmarklet

As requested by Library Clips, here is an OPMLify Page Links bookmarklet that will find all the links in a page and pop them into an OPML listing that you can cut and paste into a text editor, save (or perhaps prune and save) and then upload to your favourite OPML reader.

The flavour of OPML the bookmarklet egnerates is based on the Publication style referred to confusingly as the Directory Example OPML document on Wikipedia.

As with the previous bookmarklet, I 'v eonly tried the bookmarklet out on a couple of pages viewed in Firefox. Again, there are significant usability/styling issues at the moment, (though you can get an idea of how it could work by looking at this page here and firing the bookmarklet from with the page by clicking on the OPMLify Page Links link - the OPML appears at the bottom of the page).

Note also that where there is anything other than simple text describing a link (e.g. if the link text is in italics), then the text is not picked up.

The approach would obviously be more useable if the OPML were provided as a file that could be linked to, but I'm still resisting playing with serverside scripts, (though I may start trying a few things out at Ning)..

This is my last bookmarklet for a bit (I hope...;-) and represents a half hour rehash of yesterday's "Link Referencing" bookmarklet.

(Hmm, that said, perhaps I should spend a few minutes tidying up my recent flurry of bookmarklets, wrapping all the functions in the (function(){}) construction so I can get rid of all the void()'s around assisgments).

PS here's a version of the bookmarklet customised for John Tropea's Libray Clips front page, that only pulls out the story links on that page....and here's one I'm working on to tidy up the js code prior to addressing the styling of the OPML result...

Posted by ajh59 at March 14, 2006 04:48 PM