April 06, 2006

OU Library Amazon Greasemonkey Script

Earlier today, Paul Miller from Talis gave an 'Intro to Library 2.0' talk in the Library (blogged in part by Marc during the talk; I have some notes, too, that I will pop up later).

During the talk, Paul mentioned the use of Greasemonkey scripts for inserting library catalogue info into Amazon web pages (like this or this. I thought I'd posted an OU version of this script, but apparently not. (I do have a library lookup button on my OU Library Firefox toolbar though, which does something similar, albeit it ina more clunky way (i.e. a way that requires a postive user action, specifically clicking the Library lookup button).

OU Library Firefox toolbar

Anyway - the Greasemonkey script hinted at above is easy enough to hack around, so here's a first pass (I'm not sure it's fully debugged yet, e.g. for books being catalogued or on order): Amazon UK OU Library Linky. (To use it, you'll need Greasemonkey installed on Firefox).

Here are few examples of what it does:

A book that can be found in the OU library:


A book that can be found in several versions in the library (e.g. on the shelf and inelectronic format):


A book that is currently on loan from the library:


A book available in electronic format in the library (I guess we could link directly to the ezproxied version here?):


Not found in the OU library:


In fact, this book is in the library under a different ISBN - maybe worth using xISBN (I think Dave Pattern at Huddersfield has done this? or perhaps it was Jon Udell has done this, but I can't get his script to work...? For amazon.co.uk, Jon's script needs at least the origTitle regexp tweaking, and I also had to tweak the ISBN regexp. It still failed to work though and I don't have any more more time to spend on it just now:-(

PS If you prefer, here is an OU branded script:


Posted by ajh59 at April 6, 2006 06:25 PM