April 28, 2006

Live Blogging with Instant Messaging, Plus?

The live blogging that I was trying out at the OU Learning and Teaching Conference over the last couple of days has given me a lot to think about, and I'll be posting my reflections on that topic in the next couple of days, but one thing I want to mention before I forget(!) is that it was not really live.

The way I was blogging was to take session notes (in Performancing for Firefox) and then post these to the OUseful blog at the end (or thereabouts) of each session.

To be really live, I would have had to be posting (and editing) the blog post every few seconds. There is a certain hassle factor associated wth this of course...how much neater if I could sign on to a blogchat room and use an IM client to post straight into a blog post, real time (or near as makes no difference).

That is, imagine a blog post to be a chat room transcript, updated in realtime.

I'm sure there are systems that already provide much of this functionality (I'm not really up on IM) but I don;t think I've ever stumbled across anything that explicitly claims to provide an IM blogging solution.

As to whether it's desirable or not, that's another matter (e.g. I always do a quick scan of my blog posts before publishing to try and root out the worst of the typos - although many still get through (I really should sort out a blogging client spellchecker!). This error checking would perhaps not be supportable ina trivial blogIM client...)

Just while I'm thinking about enhanced IM facilities, I'd like to mention a service I've yet to play with but have read many favourable reviews of: 37 Signals' Campfire small business chatroom cleint. One of the features that makes me want to try this service out is the ability to easily upload files to a chat room and refer to them (via a link) from within a message. This use of IM to discuss a document seems to be a very powerful feature.

The problem with IM is that is doesn;t readily support multiple threads (i.e. the flow is a linear one) although the ability to use chat rooms for both synchronous and asynchronous communications more than makes up for this, I think.

So - two IM, Plus services - one available now (Campfire, with file uploading (perhaps other IM solutions offer this too? I think some allow file transfer between conversants, for example?)) and one not, as far as I know (blogIM).

Posted by ajh59 at April 28, 2006 03:13 PM