May 08, 2006

If We Really Had Global Pretensions for Web2.OU...

...we'd have someone involved in Wax, wouldn't we? (After all, Higher Education is now an industry, isn't it?)

(The main reason I'm blogging this is to keep a record of the list of attendees, just in case...)

And just by the by - here's a handy list of what I guess is a large part of the UK 'web 2.0 developer community' - the list of attendees from the Carson Systems' Future of Web Apps Summit. (NB Podcasts of presentations from the Summit are available. If you weren't there, they're worth a listen...)

As this is turning into a link post, here's some more workshop related stuff that looks like it may be interesting:

Handouts from the UCISA/UKOLN/CETIS Workshop 2006 on Initiatives & Innovation: Managing Disruptive Technologies.

The forthcoming Institutional Web Management Workshop 2006: Quality Matters Workshop. As an institution that supports an online student body that I guess peaked at around 200, 000 registered students, and that has committed to requiring all registered students to participate in web based learning activities within the next couple of years, I am always surprised when there is not someone from the OU talking about what we've acheived and how we've made it scale...

Also upcoming is a conference (or unconference?) which is:

structured around two framework themes. These cut across the educational sectors and are crucial to life-long education provision that meets the needs and abilities of all learners - provision that is vital to empower learners as citizens within multiple communities and in preparing the UK to participate creatively, technologically and economically on a global scale.

1. Deployment of weblogs and related technologies within educational institutions and the learning and teaching environment: navigating risk (morning sessions)

2. Blogging as community practice: impact of weblogs on current and future Personal Learning Environments (afternoon sessions).

I hope to go...mail me if you're going and want to meet up.

Posted by ajh59 at May 8, 2006 11:19 PM