January 29, 2008

Catching Up With Myself - Screencasts et al.

Traipsing through a load of long forgotten and lost links that I don't think I blogged about before (which means I can't find them by searching Ouseful.info ;-), here are a couple of elearning design doodles that I maybe need to look at again someday...

Firstly, a set of examples showing different ways of embedding a series of screenshots in a web page. The case in point was an demonstration of the google suggest feature, where live suggestions/search phrase recommendations appear in a drop down list form the google search box.

For example, here's the animated gif version:

Google suggest animation: car valeting

The other examples include a screencast, a slideshow, and an embedded (i.e. interactive) iframe (so the students could try out the feature themselves). I didn't do a custom embedded demo, though that would be trivial with the frameworks around now.

The second thing I need to link to - and I'd completely forgotten about this - is a short (silent) screencast showing some of the crazy things you can do in a Google search box. I think I did this as a trailer for an "In Search of Google" partial attention workshop (in which I provide a commentary as we ramble around the links on this In Search of Google H2O playlist!), or maybe it was for TU120?;-)

Anyway, if you have a five minutes to spare, you can watch it here: "I didn't know you could do that in a Google search box!" screencast.

PS the Google results page has moved on a bit since that movie was recorded. For example, the library search result returns an embedd Google local search map, now...

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