June 16, 2008

More Trendspotting: Jobs Trends

In several previous posts ((I'll let you find them for yourself ;-), I've posted about various tools for plotting trends in search engine queries, twitter posts and so on. In today's roundup, here are some job trend plotting services - 'cos at the endof the day, formal education is about getting people prepared for, and into, work... right?

So here are a few services I've found (if you're reading this through a feedreader, you'll probably need to click through to read this post on the OUseful.info blog if you want to see the embedded graphs...):

Indeed job trends: trends over the US job market, I think?

cisco, microsoft, linux Job Trends graph
cisco, microsoft, linux Job Trends cisco jobs - microsoft jobs - linux jobs

Simply Hired job trends (US again, I think?):

Workhound job trends (UK, I think?)

And a sector/industry specific one: IT jobs watch. This service doesn't have a comparison trends service, but you can plot graphs that show how wages and numbers of job postings trend over time for a specific job category.

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Posted by ajh59 at June 16, 2008 06:52 PM