Generic Circular Catchment Areas - Interactive Map

This interactive map allows you to set different circular catchment areas around marked locations loaded in from a Google MyMap. (Google MyMaps allow you to create your own map, annotated with markers at locations you have chosen; such as all the schools or supermarkets in your area, for example.)
If you add markers to your MyMap using different 'classes' of title, (such as the names of different supermarket chains (e.g. Tesco, or Morrisons), or the sector of a particular school ('This Prmary School', or 'That Secondary School' for example) you can view different sized catchment areas around each point, or hide particular sets of points (such as all Tesco supermarkets). You can find a list of all the locations displayed on the map directly below the map - just tick the box next to each location you want to exclude from the map.
At the current time, the map will identify different supermarket chains. The words that appear in the text boxes (Tesco, Morrisons etc) should match words that appear in the title of each marker on your MyMap.
To import markers from a Google MyMap, you must first enter the URL for the map and click 'Load Map'. The URL you should use for the map is the one linked to from a Google MyMap as the 'View in Google Earth' URL. Once you have loaded the map, it will refocus to a point in the centre of the locaitons you have loaded.
When the map is loaded, a list of locations should be displayed beneath the map, from which you can choose to exclude schools from the map (to simulate their closure, for example). Choose appropriate catchment area settings, and then click on 'Plot Points'.
Each time you change the view/hide settings, you will need to clear the map (click on 'Clear') and then replot the catchment circles ('plot points') - you should not need to reload the map.
The default MyMap URL displays some supermarkets around Plymouth. (If you want to try with schools, here is a list of - schools on the Isle of Wight (including planned new schools, but not excluding schools identified for closure. Use the categories: Primary, Middle, High, Secondary). TO learn more about how to create a MyMap, see Mapping Proposed School Closure Plans on the Isle of Wight.

Google MyMap "View in Google Earth" URL:
Default catchment: km (Hide unknown sector schools )
Catchment class 1: km (Hide? )
Catchment class 2: km (Hide? )
Catchment class 3: km (Hide? )
Catchment class 4: km (Hide? )