OUseful gCalMap Mashup Tool

The OUseful gCalMap mashup generator provides a simple way of embedding Google Calendar events on a Google Map.

To display events on the map, the "Where" location of each event should be declared within Google Calendar.

The calendar map view can be generated from a single (cal) argument passed via a url. For example, http://ouseful.open.ac.uk/maps/gCalMap.php?cal=u0aq4g3cjf6g6nnesa8mv0l77g@group.calendar.google.com.

The value of the cal argument is taken from the settings view of a public Google Calendar:

This calendar ID is then passed to the geocal pipe to obtain the KML feed that provides the map overlay, and also used to pull in the calendar agenda view.

gCalMap Generator

To display your own calendar, simply replace the calendar ID in the above example URL with the calendar ID for the calendar you wish to display...

...or paste the calendar ID here to link to the gCalMap view:

Map URL:
Calendar and Map URL:

If you want to embed the view in your own web pages, you should be able to just embed the gCalMap page in an iframe.

iframe/embed code for simple Google Calendar (only displays calendar):
iframe/embed code for simple Google Calendar map (only displays map):
iframe/embed code for Google Calendar and map (displays calendar and map side by side):

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