Twitter Subtitle

Enter the URL of the EXACT Twitter search results page URL you want to convert to subtitles. The easiest way to get this is to use the Twitter advanced search page. Specify the search term (or a hashtag) and the number of results per page (50 is good), as well as the dates you want to search over (if required). If there are several results pages, use the Older/Newer links until you get to the page containing the results you want to convert to subtitles. Then copy the URL and use it in this form, or use this bookmarklet to generate the subtitles list automatically: Twitter subtitles
Optionally enter the URL of the tweet you want to be the first subtitle (that is, copy the View Tweet link/URL for the tweet you want to use as the first subtitle) and/or the the URL of the tweet yoyu want to use as the last subtitle. Remember that the results are listed in reverse chronological order, so the first tweet will appear lower down the results listing than the last tweet... (If you get them wrong, the subtitle generator will switch them round automatically;-)

Twitter Search URL:
URL of first Tweet subtitle (optional):
URL of last Tweet subtitle (optional):
Show Twitter User ID in subtitle?
Note that the subtitle generator has only been tested in Firefox/Flock and may not work in other browsers. (I'm pretty sure it's broken in Safari...)